After losing my little man McKenzie before Xmas to cancer, my other dog, Tuppence, has been having a hard time adjusting to being an Only-Pet.. I’ve also been having issues with only having one dog.. The solution? GET A PUPPY!

I know some people are frowning in my general direction saying 2.5 months is too soon, but I disagree, yes I still miss Kenzie terribly, but I’m NOT replacing him! To me, you cant replace family members/loved ones, I’m just adopting a new addition to the family 🙂

I decided after having 4 Westies, I wanted to try a different breed, so did my homework and settled on a Sweedish Vallhund! (They are rare, best described as a Corgi/Wolf or a Corgi/Husky 😉 look ‘em up!) I am very lucky that the only large breeder of Vallhunds in Australia is in Bendigo (2hrs drive from me) and just after I had contacted her she had a litter of 6 boys! Even luckier still, she does not intend to breed for another 2yrs (It was meant to be!)

They were born on Dec19th, she sent me lots of photos of the little boys, all cuties!!! I asked Tuppence which one she would like for a little brother:

The 6-Week-Visit was last Saturday, my boyfriend, Nathan, came with me and my housemate, Casey.. THEY ARE ALL ADORABLE!!! While I was there I whittled my choice down to 4 of them:

We gave them nicknames, so from left to right they are: Dark Pup, Quiet Pup, Fluffy Pup (also known as Sir Fluffsalot – he has extra fluff…can you tell? :P) and Wolf Pup.

On the drive home I had a big think about why I liked each puppy and if that was a good reason to chose on… In the end I decided I liked Wolf Pup because he was pretty, and I liked Quiet Pup because he reminded me a lot of McKenzie (and the last thing I wanna do is be comparing him to Kenzie) That left Dark Pup (who I loved because he was very sweet natured, and had a really soft coat, but he was one of 2 pups that nearly didn’t make it because they were so small when born..I don’t need another sick dog!!!) and Fluffy Pup (who I love because he is very happy-tail-waggy and is FLUFFY, but he is also a little more playful than Tuppence would appreciate)

It’s now up to the Breeder. She is going to use him when he gets older as a Stud Dog (as the breed is rare and his dad is from England, so he has a very precious 50% new genetics to offer) she will pick the puppy with the right personality to suit Tuppence (someone who will submit to her bashing him up and not care :P) and who is a good looking boy to breed from.

I get to pick him up in 2 WEEKS! Friday the 10th! I am very excited!

So which pup do you like? Dark Pup, or Fluffy Pup? 😀

Dark Pup

Dark Pup

Fluffy Pup

Fluffy Pup


4 thoughts on “PUPPIES!!!!!!

  1. Aww, how wonderful! They are all adorable! I think fluffy pup’s little face has stolen my soul with it’s cuteness! *_*

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