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Exciting News!

You will be able to see some of my work in Seven Stories Press’ ‘The Graphic Canon of Children’s Literature’ it will be published around October/November this year 🙂


‘Super Secret Project V’

‘For The Love Of Elliot’
Children’s Picture Book, By Peta Dowle and Katrina Young.
Due for release late 2014, or early 2015.


This is a magical story about a little Swedish Vallhund Ebba and her best friend, Elliot. ‘For the love of Elliot’ is set against a back drop of rural life, depicted somewhere in the recent past. The unbreakable bond between a dog and child is tested one stormy night when disaster looms and great courage is needed.

New Zealand Author Peta Dowle weaves the historical past into a modern day context with empathy and sensitivity. From under the pen and paintbrush Australian artist Katrina Young skilfully brings the characters to life and every image breathtakingly beautiful.

The combined talents of Peta and Katrina create a memorable and charming story sure to be read over and over as a family favourite.

Target age: 6 – 9 years.
Will appeal to every dog lover and Swedish Vallhund enthusiast.
Soft cover book.
Totara Tree Publishing.

Expressions of interest for advanced copy ordering


'For The Love Of Elliot'

‘For The Love Of Elliot’

Design Contest!

Hi Everyone!!

I have 2 designs in a Portal t-shirt design contest atm. If you could take a couple of seconds out of your day to vote for them (a 5 would be great 😛 :P) I would be very grateful. IF you have the time to maybe share with your friends too I will love you forever 🙂



Don’t forget to have a look at the other designs! There’s some nice stuff in there!!